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Welcome to a journey of EXQUISITE SELF-DISCOVERY


Would you like to explore

YOUR body energy?

Do you feel you need to address something about

your Love-Sex life but are unsure what it is?

Do you struggle with intimacy, body confidence,

pleasure and relationships?

Are you seeking healing from traumatic sexual experiences?

Are you willing to let go of feelingshabits

and views that no longer serve you?


Connect with your body in a Sacred Way and

Consciously Reclaim Your Self!

What is Tantra Massage?

An Experiential path using touch to bring consciousness to the body, accessing traumas and behaviours from the subconscious mind.

It can lead to extraordinary clarity about what hold us back in life, becoming aware of wounds, accessing personal growth and deep healing.

We all have patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that affect how we live our lives on many levels. These beliefs and patterns may be blocking your sense of freedom, your ability to open up to more pleasure in your life, or holding you back from stepping into the most genuine expression of who you are.

Tantra gives you insights from the inside –

Trough Sexual Energy – that may help you see yourself and your patterns more profoundly.

This embodied knowledge leads to expanding Your-Own-Self and your way of being in the world.

In the sacred space of the massage, you can define and assert your boundaries and learn that you have a choice and voice.

Would you like to explore YOUR body energy?

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Ana Fabem

Full episode

Praticante Täntrica e Educadora Sexual I Talkeando…

Sobre a pratica do TANTRISMO.


Sobre os linfomas.

TÅNTRICA curou seus traumas.