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I had a number of Sessions with Maha Shakti Anna and most say I’ve been blown away by her energy and how she transfers this energy to my life!

Martin (Ireland)

I’d like to say thank you to Maha Shakti Anna for the beautifully guided evening and enlightened instructions on the Couples Workshop. It was a lovely evening and we look forward to more memorable ones in the future!

A & A (Sweden)

A big Thank you to our gracious host, Maha Shakti Anna for the wonderful guidance on the Couples Workshop. We were amazed for the creation of such an open and fun atmosphere. We look forward to next time soon!

K & A (Sweden)

I arrived for a session with Maha Shakti Anna, and I didn’t have many expectations, but my mind was blown by her strong energy and experience. I felt held for my whole ancestors with spikes of incredible energy moving through my body.


I had an incredible session with Maha Shakti Anna. The way I had the opportunity to access my sexual energy was something I never expected and so strong! I definitely recommend a Tantric Session with her.


Maha Shakti Anna received me for a session and introduced me to a number of breathwork and expansion of energy practices. It turned out to be an entirely new world for me! I got emotional with hard memories, and she held me so well I felt Safe and Cared for as never.


I started a session with Maha Shakti Anna to treat Erectile Dysfunction and to learn more about her Multi-Orgasmic Proram .

I’ve been with her for already six sessions, and I cannot tell how much my life improve. Not only in relation to my sexual behaviour, also my relationship with myself, and with partner.


We came to Maha Shakti Anna with an intention that we are not really proud of. We believed on what most people think about Tantra, specially on the Western world: we thought it would be nice to see each other being touched by a hot woman. We were so wrong in an infinitely better way. Maha Shakti Anna introduced us to a new world of trust, sharing, holding and connecting with each other. We felt high levels of energy, to be honest we were surprised and delighted with her services. We can’t wait to come back for more.

Ricky and Anne

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Maha Shakti Anna for a three hour Tantra experience. It has to be one of the best experiences of my life. From start to finish Anna was a through expert in what she does. The start of the session Anna explained what would happen and if i had any issues or questions. The Tantra itself was pure magic. Anna is a beautiful person both in looks and personality. It was an amazing three hour session in her quiet place in Leitrim. I will definitely return again and i would advise anyone thinking about visiting, to go and book as you will enjoy it .

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