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Yoni Oil

Our Feminine Intimate Massage Oil is known as Aphrodisiac and is reputed to:

  • Moisture and Intimate Lubrication
  • Increases Pleasure
  • Gives to the Yoni a beautiful scent, eliminating odour
  • Fights off bad bacteria


Yoni Feminine Intimate Oil

Welcome to an exquisite sensorial journey and access the Goddess within you

Our Yoni Oil & Vulga Moisturiser works naturally to keep your body healthy, adding moisture, smoothing and softening your Yoni.

Exclusively designed and individually handmade in Ireland.

What Will Our Yoni Oil Do for You?

Our Yoni Oil is pH balanced and formulated to moisturise, providing long-lasting glide without irritation, to shoot and tone, making it a perfect choice for Self-Pleasure, Yoni Connection, Feminine Energy Practices and Vulva Steaming.

Aromatically delectable, may also be used for Body Massage and as a Body, Face and Hair Moisturiser.

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30ml, 100ml


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